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Mmm…it’s a late October morning and a chill is in the air. What better way to chase it away than with a pumpkin-spiced latte from Kringle Haus Werkstatt.

Need an after-lunch pick-me-up? The Santa Claus Christmas Store has decadent pumpkin fudge that will surely do the trick.

And what better way to end an autumn day than with an old fashioned piece of pumpkin pie? What’s your favorite topping? Whipped Cream or Cool Whip? Or do you prefer au natural? Here is a list of local restaurants that may fill your pumpkin needs.

If you prefer making your own mouth-watering pumpkin creations, you can find great pumpkins at Pumpkins & More in Santa Claus, Indiana.

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All Hallows' Eve

Oct 22, 2014

The Headless Horseman awaits…

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Guest post by Paula at Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial

A widely circulated story of an incident in the school taught by Andrew Crawford is of the famous spelling match, in which Abe Lincoln helped one of his classmates spell the word “defied.” 

Katy Roby was asked to spell this word and continued as far as “d-e-f” when she paused, not knowing whether to use a “y” or an “I”.  Looking over toward Abe she saw him point his finger at his eye and immediately took the hint, spelling the word correctly.

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